For over a 100 years Hadassah Hospital has been leading the field of medicine when it comes to services and patient treatment. With the turn of the century, the Hospital implemented several major changes to maintain its position of leadership. These included a major overhaul of the entire communication network.


A digital hospital approach was adopted to offer a high level of medical services. Within the medical industry, the network requirements are particularly demanding for three reasons;

1. No margin for error.

2. Sensitive Information.

3. State of the art technologies.

Some applications like heartbeat and blood pressure monitors rely on wireless access and require a secure stable WiFi connection. Privacy is of course especially important within the medical industry, therefore a great amount of security is necessary to align with strict health care regulations. Doctor’s computers and tablets are needed to be connected to a wireless network that provides a strong and uncompromisable security mechanism. Mission-critical information applications such as access to electronic medical records (EMRs) and real-time access to X-rays and MRI scans require a very stable network.

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The following solutions were executed in collaboration with Taldor Communication throughout the 19 floors, 500 beds and 20 operating rooms of the Hadassah Medical Center.

  • Seamless fast roaming & continuous communication
  • Secure network for sensitive medical data
  • Separate guest network
  • Full floor wireless coverage @ -67 dbm
  • Access Points and wireless controllers High Availability
  • Modern 802.11n standard to support higher throughput allowing a faster data exchange between the server and the staff computers and stations.
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I would like to thank Yosef Graziano and his team for a job well done, in planning and implementing the Hadassah medical wireless network. Our wireless network covers 3 campuses, more than 170,000 square meters. Our most mission critical medical applications run on the wireless network, while our visitors enjoy the convenience of a guest network. With the addition of a redundancy network, we enjoy the peace of mind of a stable work environment. We wish him all the best in his new business endeavors leading YNS.
Doron Golan
IT Communication Manager

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